Monday, May 11, 2009

2x2 Weaving 11 May 2009

Well I emailed Susan Garrett in response to her blog post asking for 2x2 questions with my issue that Kenzie seemed to not be able to link a jump to the weavers. I got an almost immediate response back saying did I have any video of the problem. No I didn't so I set out today to get some video - er well the problem seems to have gone away. She did some quite lovely weaving with some entries that even a seasoned competition dog might be jealous of. The only hassle I was having is with her deciding to jump flat and pull the bar - so I still might forward my video for comment.

Any way for all you blog readers my latest 2x2 efforts:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

2x2 May Update

Well I have been super busy with training since the totally inspirational Sue H weekend. Both girls have been getting worked through duration heelwork programs at least a couple of nights a week. Kenzie's last session wasn't brilliant cos she was way to high.

We have also started working on some of the Susan Garrett's 1 Jump dvd exercises as well as working on a 2o/2o behavior on a contact board.

Her obedience stand is coming along nicely (thanks to the advice from Sue) and I think I just about have a stand at heel.

Any way also been a busy week with agility training. Kenzie got her first go at our club weave poles on Wednesday night. She hadn't done 6 poles that looked like that let alone 12 before. While she wasn't too reliable she did manage a lovely set of 12 driven poles. When she has it she absolutely nails it.

She has hard right hand and left hand side entries down pat with 6 poles in the yard so it was time to take the show on the road.

Here are the videos from today.

The first video is just the successful attempts - pretty chuffed with the entries on a baby green dog.

The second video has the full session: