Friday, November 23, 2012

Another phone call

Well I had a somewhat constructive phone call with Ian this morning.  He wasn't about pushing unnecessary diagnostics at this stage. X-rays are pretty much a waste of time apparently so it would likely need an MRI.

He asked how she was doing generally and still said it would be a lot easier if I could get some half decent video of the problem unless she is noticeably in pain and then its worth making an appointment to bring her in. We spoke about the complicating factor that the spinal pain may just be referred from other things going on in her hind end.

The plan for the moment is to keep doing as I am for another month and not add back in anything that may cause the situation to worsen. He wants me to call again in a month and let him know regardless how she is getting on. 

At least I get the sense of them wanting to help but not just subjecting her to expensive diagnostics for the sake of it.

So while no closer to moving on entirely I feel like I know where things are at and what I should be doing with her.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where we are at.....

Well I guess the good news is since Emma's visit we did get a small amount of improvement. Kenz got a few good days but then the problems started back again :(. Her gait is better then it was but she is still having random 3 legged RH episodes and still having issues some nights with the stairs.

Emma and John had a long chat on Thursday to discuss the situation and I had an email from John last night which suggested the best course of action was an appointment with Ian for spinal x-rays given the back pain Emma found.

Sometimes I wonder if we are making a mountain out of something which isn't then I came home to walk them after spending a few hours out with "my aussies" and she was a mess again.

It sucks - its just not fair to see my little baby girl so miserable :(.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Appointment with Emma

Kenz finished up her course of anti-inflams last night and interestingly enough we have had 5 nights where at bedtime she has seemed quite happy to come racing up the stairs.

Her appointment with Emma this morning was useful. She was seriously tight and showed a distinct pain reaction in through her spine and had lots of trigger points in her LH. Emma was able to pick she was having problems as she watched her walk out to the back room. The LH patella - hmmm its not bad. The complicating thing is trying to work out if its the spine that is causing the problem or whether its the LH that is still the root of the problem.

Emma is inclined to think its the spine and has suggested it may be worth getting x-rays. It may still well be nerve related.

Just as Emma was leaving Kenz picked up her RH and also kept trying to sit. 

I have been told not to be to concerned about things for the next few days as she may have stirred up a lot. Other than specifically no swimming and no stairs she is otherwise free to do what she wants. Emma said there is no point in suggesting anything else at this stage as we have otherwise done most of it.