Friday, November 23, 2012

Another phone call

Well I had a somewhat constructive phone call with Ian this morning.  He wasn't about pushing unnecessary diagnostics at this stage. X-rays are pretty much a waste of time apparently so it would likely need an MRI.

He asked how she was doing generally and still said it would be a lot easier if I could get some half decent video of the problem unless she is noticeably in pain and then its worth making an appointment to bring her in. We spoke about the complicating factor that the spinal pain may just be referred from other things going on in her hind end.

The plan for the moment is to keep doing as I am for another month and not add back in anything that may cause the situation to worsen. He wants me to call again in a month and let him know regardless how she is getting on. 

At least I get the sense of them wanting to help but not just subjecting her to expensive diagnostics for the sake of it.

So while no closer to moving on entirely I feel like I know where things are at and what I should be doing with her.

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