Friday, December 14, 2012

Two Year Anniversary

Today marks two years since Kenz pulled up badly lame in her right shoulder for whatever reason. I never would have guessed that two years later she would still be unsound and struggling with lameness issues on an almost daily basis.

Frustration plus. Its hard to walk away from what was suppose to be a fun filled life of performance activities when my little girl as it stands now needs carrying to bed each evening because for the most part she can't get up the stairs. She also struggles to manage anything more then a 20-30 min walk and even then still has days when she can barely get around the block without a problem with her back end.

I finally got around to dropping in the girls Rally-Novice Titles today and I suspect it will be Kenz's last title. Oh so sad and my heart is broken and my world is just about come to an end.

Love you to bits Kenz but not sure how much longer either of us can hold it together - who am I kidding I am not holding it together at all :(. 

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