Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not all bad........

This week started off a little tough. On Monday we caught up with "my aussies" and Karron to do some Rally-O training. After we had trained I got Kenz out to see if we could get video of this intermittent problem to forward to Ian. Well what transpired in the next 5 minutes was positively frightening.

Poor girl suffered a serious exercise induced collapse episode :(. It was very very scary. Its the first such episode I have managed to capture on video.

 We dropped everything and carried her into Karron's place and put her in the bath until she settled.

Tuesday evening she had a lab attack her and that pulled her up acutely lame :(. It wasn't especially lasting but enough that I was worried. 

Any way today she was already scheduled for another appointment with Emma. I guess the good news is Emma doesn't at this stage thing I should write off obedience. Kenz is doing better then she was at her appointment a few weeks ago. She certainly wasn't as sore through her back. She was a little sore through her right front which may again be compensation for the fact she has been having a few issues with that left hind again.

Kenz got quite a hammering today so Emma said she wouldn't be surprised if she was fairly sore and sorry for herself so to just take it easy. I will continue to see how she gets on and hopefully she will continue to improve and we might just get back in the ring come 2013.

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