Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

So Christmas has come and gone for another year. This year I took the girls up to stay at my parents place on the river. The hope was to forget about lame dog for just a little while.

Kenz had a pretty bad week of things. First few days she was back to having random 3 legged RH episodes. These were followed up by some very bad looking LH episodes. It seems to be something that we just can't put behind us.

She struggled a little less with the stair case up there but still wasn't 100% and there were still times when she couldn't manage it.

Home again yesterday and she hasn't managed to get up the stairs at home since.

Any way I am not sure what 2013 will hold for us but I am not hopeful of good news just yet. In the meantime I have put together a video of Kenz having a bit of fun while away over Christmas. She did enjoy her daily or twice daily trips down the river and then home via the oval to have a run around until she was dry.

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