Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kenzie's Exposure to Ducks

Well little Kenzie had her first go at duck herding today and she at least has more instinct then her sister Ness (although that isn't entirely hard laugh.gif ). Kristen was running the training and said she did well. I am very novice at herding so I really have no idea what I am looking at - all I know is she was following after the ducks, didn't go off sniffing and was only distracted by the ducks in the other pen. Oh and she did have a nice arc when she went around to cover them. Stark contast to Ness who I can't even get in the arena without her trying to run away. I managed to temporarily tire one BC pup though - who absolutely crashed in the car after her shot.

No video or photo as I was a bit rushed as they let me go in first but still I think there is enough that she might just manage to add some herding titles of some description to her name like her mum Marnie and half sister Spryte.

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