Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kenzie's Herding Instinct Test

Well we have had a busy weekend with Ness trialling in Obedience and Agility at Gawler today but since this blog is about Kenzie I will focus on her efforts at yesterdays herding trial.

Yesterday we headed out the DogsSA grounds so that Kenzie could have a go on sheep. She did two instinct tests - one under Tull from Tassie and Kristen. She was just wonderful in both. She showed nice sustained interest in the stock. The only problem was with the recall because she decided to switch on a bit too much and the stock were way more interesting then mum. Tull commented on my sheet that she hoped I continued with herding with her :).

I will hopefully get a chance to upload the videos sometime this week.

It was much better then her first time and there was certainly no lacking in confidence. Kristen said she passed in the first 20 seconds of being in the pen when she was judging.

Best part of the day was she was going up to people for pats and even allowed a strange person to pat her while she was standing. Might be hope for our obedience yet.

Today Kenzie just tagged along and did some socialising. I also got the opportunity to get an unofficial height measure on her and she presently measures 430 so I think we can safely say she will end up jumping 400 for agility :). She was a bit unsure today and spent most of the morning in her crate. Having said that she did have fun playing her cone games and doing some practice jumps outside the rings at the trial.

ETA. The videos :)

Test 1: Judge Tull Luttrell (Tassie)

Test 2: Judge Kristen Mack

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