Monday, August 10, 2009

CBS Training 10 August 09 and busy weekend

Might as well do one blog post as I was a bit slack and didn't do an update from the weekend.

Saturday miss Kenzie went duck herding at the canine grounds. I will get around to uploading some video of the weekend eventually however she wasn't entirely sure what to think of the duckies. She shows interest in wanting to do something with them but was quickly moved out of the HT/HIC area into the PT area when she wanted to keep further off her stock. Once in the PT area she would almost get to the heads but didn't quite have enough confidence to go all the way. Never mind hopefully we will get back on some sheep and then try ducks again at another training day. Was a good day out though and she does enjoy her herding.

Tonight we had training at CBS as per usual for a Monday night. Another night of CGC award exercises. I have to say I think both Deb and I were very surprised at how far she had come tonight with all of the exercises.

I am especially proud of her with the walking through a crowd drill. They had a class with dogs, so lots of strangers that she had never met, other strange people walking past, calling out, laughing etc. Deb asked if I wanted to even attempt it and she said if Kenzie started getting too stressed she would stop it. Well I went in with a lets just see attitude and OMG I am so proud of my little girl. Sure I ended up feeding her nearly constantly but she was eating the food, not freezing up, continuing to walk and barely acknowledging the people, she even had a slight prance in her gait. This is the same little girl who would normally freeze up and try and pull me as far away from activity as she can get. The lead didn't go tight at all the entire time and she was able to focus on me and function. Yee Har :). Her obedience trialling career might not be totally without question.

Her stays were a bit questionable tonight she wasn't relaxed and seemed perched ready for a release command.

She managed the vet exam without to many hassles. Not happy but she stands there and lets them do what they need to. Deb was also able to hold her lead and me disappear out of sight and she wasn't unduely stressed.

The only thing that was bothering me tonight was she was a bit resource guardy towards other dogs who encroached on our space while she was working or paying attention to me. I put that down to the fact she was a bit stressed with what we were doing and she was trying her hardest to earn her treats.

She did some nice agility jumping for me prior to class as well as a few sendaways to the box. I have discovered if I reward her by throwing the toy then she is less likely to hang off my sleeve and happer driving forward then if I reward her with a tug toy. Will see how that goes on Wednesday night at agility.

A very good night for my little baby girl :). Might be hope for her yet.

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