Monday, July 19, 2010

Kenz 2010 SA State Agility weekend

This past weekend we had the annual State Agility trials - 3 qualification trials (Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning) and then the finals on Sunday afternoon.

Kenz was entered in Novice Jumping and Open Jumping for the weekend. The clever Kenz managed her very first Novice Jumping pass at the morning trial on Saturday with a stunning second place run. This meant she had qualified for the finals on Sunday afternoon. The rest of her runs over the weekend were just wonderful but with no more quallies to be had. She decided that she could start skipping her weavers in JDO but for the most part managed the distance challenges pretty well. Her two other novice jumping runs - one she ran past the final bar and the other she got around the course but pulled 3 bars.

The video of her Saturday runs can be seen below:

I fronted up for the Novice Jumping final on Sunday with the goal of her holding a lead out - anything else was a bonus. Well not only did she nail her lead out she ran a picture perfect run and didn't put a paw out of place. She drove down the line of jumps at the end and never looked back. I was so chuffed with her. Since she is only a 400 dog she had to run early but I took her off and opted to not hang around and watch the remaining dogs. I caught a glimpse of one dog who was definitely faster but knew she had given me her all and I could ask for nothing more.

We stayed around for presentations and Novice Jumping class was presented first. Well Kenz finished up the 2010 SA State Reserve Champion Novice Jumping. Not bad for my little WA bred pocket rocket. I was just chuffed with her run never mind the final result.

Any way here is the video of her finals run:

What a weekend :).

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