Thursday, May 23, 2013

Underwater Treadmill Session 5

Kenz had her fifth session of underwater treadmill this morning. Pin is more then happy to go ahead with what Robby has suggested should happen for her sessions however I felt given that Pin was running today's that I would at least have her in the life jacket rather than her DT harness because of the attachment point being further back and giving more control over the back end.

Today we focused on varying speed so we could assess what is happening with Kenz's gait. Her first session was run at 1.1 MPH. The second session was run at 1.5 MPH and the third session at 1.3 MPH.

After Kenz's treadmill time Pin asked if he could have a look at the video footage. The consensus is still that she doesn't have great extension in either hind leg so need to increase her ROM exercises ~10-15 times three times a day and consider introducing cavaletti's into her rehab.

Here is today's video -

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