Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kenz NYE 2013 DWD Trial

So given Scott's suggestion that there was nothing catastrophic Kenz could do at this stage I went ahead and entered her in the NYE Dances with Dogs trial at Gawler. We only needed one more pass her for her heelwork to music starters title before the new rules would require an additional pass and I was pretty confident she would come through for me.

Not really surprised but she came away with 2 passes from her two routines - one in novice freestyle and the other in starters heelwork to music. What did surprise me a little bit was she placed first in both her routines. The other surprise is that if you discount the marks she lost for barking and enthusiasm then effectively she also had the top scoring heelwork to music and freestyle routine of any class on the night.

Any way an awesome way to finish up my birthday - two lovely passes. Clever girl Kenz.

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