Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Day of her Arrival

Taken from Robyn's post to DOL:

Miss Marnie Number 3 had a sh*t of a day today in her opinion... started out well enough. Breakfast followed by a play with her rapidly dwindling siblings/cousins. Then up to the kennels by herself (again happy so far)... then into the BATH!! OMG not a happy Jan! laugh.gif After she gave in and accepted she was just wet and not actually drowning she tried to look as miserable as possible - but what she didn't realise is that hundreds of dogs have given me that look before - and it doesn't work! (hard hearted Mummy I am!) tongue.gif

So she gets out of the bath and starts to quite enjoy the towel drying.... at least until I switch on.... the DRYER!!! Now the pups have been around my feet plenty of times when I have been drying the other dogs and quite happy to get the occasional blow in their direction.... but in her opinion it is NOT the same as being dried!! *lol*

Put back into a kennel on her own this time for an hour and then out for a quick play and into the car... oh ohh! wink.gif

I think by the time they put the ties on the door of the crate she was thinking WTF now?! - and I guess this means I don't get lunch! laugh.gif

Poor little chicken... I have just got home and checked the departures and her flight was delayed almost an hour before take off so she will be having an extra long day... it is certainly character building for her! laugh.gif tongue.gif

And a quick one from me:

She is home!!!!!! A bit shell shocked but now we are home and she woofed down a bowl of food she has already started chasing tuggy toys around the yard cool.gif . I think we will be in for a lot of fun.

A few photos of her first evening at home:

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