Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Last Two Agility Trials....

Been a little while since I have had a chance to update my blog - since my last update we have had two agility trials - one the State Games Championships and another double trial at Noarlunga.

First up the State Games Championships. Kenz was entered in 4 events - 2 gamblers runs and 2 snooker runs. Her first event for the day was novice snooker. Keith Millington was the judge. She didn't do to badly managing 2 x 7 point dogwalks before pulling the third red bar. In the closing sequence she came out of the weavers so cost us a quallie. Ah well not to bad for her first run of the day.

Gamblers up next. She wasn't happy with the irrigation pipe tyres and came skidding off the dogwalk but would have got enough points in the opening sequence. The gamble was 4 bars in a row and she just couldn't manage it. Was to focused on me and not enough obstacle focus.

In the afternoon trial I rushed from running Ness in Strategic Pairs to having to run Kenz in Novice Gamblers where they were waiting for me. Kenz was way to fired up and wouldn't wait on her contacts. I spent the majority of my time insisting that she wait until released on her dogwalk contact and in the end we ran out of enough time to collect the required 20 points finishing up 4 points short with 16. She did however manage the gamble easily.

The final run of the day was novice snooker. Kenz ended up with 48 points (2 x 7 point weavers) but didn't push her for suicide 7 as it was a very tight course with too much control for a baby dog. She misjudged the approach on the dogwalk but finished nicely to end up with fourth place.

The following weekend we headed down to Noarlunga for a double agility trial. I had been sick with a flu all week and felt pretty average and suffice to say we probably shouldn't have bothered. Waiting on startlines was optional, as was waiting on contacts. Her AM JD round she had bars down and was just feral. Her JDO round surprised me. She ran a nice round, nailed the distance challenge but then pulled yet another bar after a tunnel before going off course with 3 bars to go. Still not bad for my baby dog. The less said about her two agility runs the better. We have some major remedial work to do with her contacts over the summer break and with what training we have left for the year.

Still she is starting to come along nicely. Learning to read her lines a little more confidently and I am sure there is plenty of great things to come in the future out of my little pocket rocket.

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