Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kenz Wins JD Class for her Title - Wahoo

Last night we had the first of the evening agility trials a single trial at Southern Districts. Since Kenz has been retired from agility until further notice (READ UNTIL WE SORT OUT THOSE BLOODY CONTACTS) I had her just entered in 2 classes - Novice Jumping and Open Jumping.

With only 1 trial remaining for the year I was starting to wonder if she would manage to finish off her JD this year. I decided in the middle of last week if I sent my entry off for the last trial she would pass last night. Well guess what she did.

She ran two very lovely runs in both JD and JDO and was absolutely flying. The SCT on the JD course was 38 seconds (2.8 m/s rate) and Kenz flew around in a time of 20.89 s.

Not only did she get her final pass towards her novice jumping title but she also managed to win the class.

Very cool Kenz.

Any way here is the video of her two rounds last night. She is an absolute little fire cracker and when she gets it together she will do very well. She loves every second out there.

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