Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where we have come from and where we are going

I have had a few weeks off from blogging and taken a little time for reflection. Christmas break from training has traditionally been a time off from serious training and a time to recharge batteries. This year we have gone against tradition and continued on with training and growing from strength to strength. After the forced time off for injury over December, January has seen us right back on track.

Kenz's Open and UD exercises are starting to come together nicely. Solid foundations have meant that she has picked up where we left off and her continued increased confidence has made training exercises a piece of cake. The last week or so has seen some serious commitment to reducing her crabbing and forging heelwork. I think we are starting to make progress so I am waiting eagerly to see what happens with our first ring session for the year in a couple of days time.

Any way from where we were at this time last year compared to where we are now the picture is looking a hell of a lot different. Kenz is now the performance dog of my dreams and then some and looking forward to lots of trials in 2011 and hopefully a CD and CDX title. No pressure though and just out to have a good time.

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