Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Week Back

This week had some highs and lows. It started off with our very first club training round last Tuesday night.

Kenz came out on fire. All the hard work I had been putting into her heelwork lately seemed to have payed off. She was working a lot straighter with her heel position. There was lots of great stuff happening. Her SFE, Recall, COP and ROF were all lovely. Sure we have some continued polishing to do but on the whole I was thrilled to bits with her work. Her Novice exercises all ran as though she had been doing them her whole life.

She was working with the attitude she has been over the summer and nothing seems to phase her to much.

Video of the training session is posted below

All seemed set for a great start to 2011 and then the bad news.

Wednesday saw us back at the chiro vet with her injured shoulder again and the outcome another good week to 10 days of no training as we aren't allowed to tug. The rest of the week as been a little trying to say the least. Kenz has been anxious to do stuff and I was really looking forward to getting her ready for the first trial of the year at the beginning of March. So for now we are back to playing the wait and see game.

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