Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kenz's Novice Debut - so close yet so far

Well its the day after first obedience trial for 2011 - Kenz's first attempt at Novice - all that worry and concern I had eventuated into nothing.

No we didn't manage a pass this time - Kenz lay down with 10 seconds to go on the sit stay but such is life.

Her rate of progress still continues to amaze me - thinking of where she was this time last year to where she has got to now.

Her work was delightful, her enthusiasm super. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with and is absolutely everything I want in a performance dog and then some.

She had a ball in the ring. In fact we both did.

Her heelwork was stunning - her transitions between paces were smooth, her focus was outstanding, her position looks great and she had attitude to burn and it was just lovely.

Her biggest point loss was due to anticipation on the finish after the recall - ah well will take that and run if thats the worst that happens.

Looking forward to the next trial in a fortnight :).

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