Monday, March 28, 2011


Both Kenz and I are well and truly frustrated with her shoulder injury and the resulting no training. Its like living with a monster - she hasn't had a proper training session in ages and she is barking at me, nipping me, throwing twigs in my lap and generally not letting up. If its not directed at me, its redirected at Ness and I am not sure Ness is to thrilled with it either.

Kenz managed a short training session at the park Saturday morning but hasn't seen a proper game of tug in ages and then had a run with Tash's Zuma and pulled up mega sore and very sorry for herself.

Its starting to do my head in - other than waking up sore she is go, go, go and its so hard to keep a lid on it. Really am not looking forward to the States next weekend - I am seriously frustrated with no training and I think I will be a little over it if she manages yet another quallie with a shitty score. She is capable of so much higher and at the moment its not her nerves letting us down but a lack of consistent training time so we can get her heelwork polished up all shiny.

Feeling a little low this week - there seems to be no end in sight to the injury. After her physio appointment last Monday the rest of the week as been full of lots of lows and not very many highs :(.

I just want to go and bury my head in the sand and wake up and for her all to be normal again.

Doubly annoyed because we had the opportunity of a herding clinic this coming Friday and I would desperately love to give her a go and yet I am worried she would just do damage to herself so its back to wrapping her up in cotton wool. Sick of it.

A follow up physio appointment today confirmed another 3 weeks of wait and see with limited training and no agility or herding. She is doing better but a lot of sore soft tissue spots so another appointment in 3 weeks time and then we might then go off and get x-rays for peace of mind. She was certainly less tight then she was this time last week just a matter of taking it easy. Least she is allowed walks but certainly leaves this weekend State Obedience trial a little up in the air. Tough decision knowing she will give me 110% of herself regardless.

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