Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh so close 2011 State Obedience Championships

Two novice rounds - one Saturday, one Sunday - two rounds where Kenz worked her black and white socks off.

On Saturday she worked a reasonable round, a little messy but still reasonable and was sitting on a 183 (and would have been third place) until her sore shoulder got the better of her in stays and she could barely manage a 30 second sit.

Sunday - well blow me away it was warm and she had been majorly sore on Saturday night and was flat at the trial but she pulled it up a notch inside the ring to end up on a score of 190 (and in second place behind Tash and Zuma) but again the sit stay got the better of her. Finally though she got rewarded with a score for the work I know she is capable of producing in a ring.

With the weekend behind us I will shift focus into operation shoulder rehab. Game plan at the moment is to give her a few months off so I can well sure the shoulder isn't the cause of her dropping in her sits. In the meantime we will hopefully put our head down and spend some serious time adding polish and hopefully come out and put together some absolutely magical rounds later on in the year and early next year.

Now she has 5 trials, under 4 different judges, different stewards, in 4 different trial venues and she has been totally unphased by everything. I think I can safely say my shy little midget girl is that no longer and she has well and truly blossomed into the performance dog I always knew deep down I had in her.

Fingers crossed we can get on top of the shoulder injury and she can come out firing on all cylinders - if she is performing as well as she is and she sore I am so looking forward to her when she is back to 100% and we can put in some concentrated training time again. She is an absolute dream to trial and I enjoy every minute of being in the ring with her. She is a very special little black and white midget.

The end of this week also saw her celebrate her third birthday. Happy Birthday my special little WA bred munchkin. May we have plenty of years of successful trialling ahead of us.

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