Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back to see John

After last weeks lameness episode on the UWTM and after further discussion with Robby it was decided that Kenz could really use an appointment with John to see what he felt over the current situation (and to make sure there was nothing else now going on).

Kenz had her appointment with John yesterday morning. She weighed in at 13.1kg which is a good weight for her and on that alone over her previous appointment with him she had potentially regained quite a bit of muscle.

The bad news (but not completely unexpected) is that her RH MPL has continued to deteriorate and is now worse then it was in January. The LH still has a residual grade 1 but he did feel her LH had improved over where she was when she saw him in January. Her front end all checked out fine though with quite good muscle build up and there was nothing else to be found going on anywhere else.

John's thought on the RH is that its potentially popping and then when it disrupts the joint capsule she is showing signs of pain for a few days after. Hence the lingering nature of the episodes. He also felt the stair issue is potentially a behavioral issue rather than a pain issue.

Kenz was fine for the rest of the day post-examination (John was curious to know how she got on over the rest of the day) and we are just back from a walk this morning and she seems to be 100%. She was possibly shifting a small amount of weight off her RH when stationary but nothing overly significant.

Now we know what the lay of the land is tomorrow she is back for more UWTM.

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