Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Underwater Treadmill Session 9

This morning Kenz had her ninth UWTM session. Its starting to get a little bit frustrating as it seems to take her about 6 minutes to settle into and lose a lot of the double stepping and then its all over before she has barely started. She was able to have the speed raised marginally today up to 1.4 MPH.

Here is the video from her session this morning -

The last few days have not been great. Friday she managed to luxate both patellas while walking in the front hallway and ended up in a huge amount of pain and a bit sooky. It happened again on at least one occasion over the weekend. Very very frustrating. Further surgery is pretty much an inevitability but John is happy for us to remain doing as we are for the moment to try and improve Kenz's comfort and function.

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