Monday, October 20, 2008

Kenzie's First Freestyle Demo - Meadows Country Fair

No videos or photos from today - but it was Kenzie's first "canine freestyle demo". We did 2 demos. She was good in the pen with Ness and while a bit scared of the people she tolerated at least a few kids patting her whilst I fed her.

Her demos consisted of puppy heelwork, sits, drops, going around, tugging, retrieving her toy and fronts. She did very well for such a little baby. The second demo she was pretty visibly stressed before I took her into the ring we had but once I got her doing a few hand touches etc she was happy working off-lead in a pen with people packed around the outside. Doing very nice attentive puppy style heelwork and interacting with me (even if she spent a lot of time hanging off my sleeve). Even the horse smells from the pen didn't distract her (much less can be said about her sisters performance).

She coped with the surroundings well and was extremely interested in the sheep. As long as people didn't want to pat her she wasn't bothered but we still need to work at her tolerating people patting her.

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