Monday, October 27, 2008

Kenzie's Herding Instinct Test

Other than a brief turn on ducks at the age of 16 weeks this was to be Kenzie's first exposure to sheep. It was a very long day that started with taking both girls for a run at the beach and then a drive down to Mt Compass for herding. We weren't on until nearly 2pm and my little girl was suitably buggered.

Any way nope she didn't pass her instinct test but 3 judges outside the ring would have passed her. I thought she did very well looking at the video and the verdict was to put her up for about a month and then take her back. If it had been a lesson situation the thought was she just might have been happy to go around the sheep by the end of the lesson. She was certainly very keen to get back in there and when they were moving she was really quite excited. On Sunday we had ducks - she certainly wasn't as keen as she was on the sheep. In fact she was really quite tired when I got her out the car to work her. She was starting to switch on and then a darn duck flapped in her face so that was enough for her to decide that they were scary. She was really nice on them at 16 weeks and the judges thoughts were that she needs a bit of maturity and maybe that will improve her confidence. So no pass on ducks either. The judge had seen her the day before on sheep and did say it was a bugger as she would have passed her on the sheep if she had been judging her on those.

Here is a link to her Sheep video:

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