Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kenzie's Benchmark for Duration Heelwork

Well I set myself a task this afternoon to find a benchmark for Kenzie's duration heelwork. I will take the results of a few separate sessions and then use those as a basis for where we are at.

So this afternoon we headed to the local school oval to try for session 1 and I was totally blown away with my little munchkins performance. No visible rewards. No nothing just me and on the first attempt. I did choose to ignore a bit of pogo bouncing in the middle as it was only 1-2 steps before she would get back into proper pace again but she managed 29 seconds until she decided she had had enough and hanging off my sleeve and not letting go was more exciting. During that entire time she didn't drop her head, she was prancing along, pushing me the entire way. To think she is only just a day short of 7 months and to give me that. The most complete, picture perfect, attentive focus. Compared with her sisters 4 seconds on the first attempt and 11 seconds on a second attempt you can bet your bottom dollar which dog I would rather have entered in the ring on Sat night.

Hell Kenzie is going to be an absolute star when it comes to obedience I just know it. In the mean time she is enjoying being a happy go lucky Kenzie Panda Bear.

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