Saturday, November 15, 2008

Southern Agility 15 November

Well tonight was our second to last agility trial for the year, Ness was entered in MA and OA with little success but I let Kenzie tag along for some socialisation.

She had a great time rumbling with Buddy and sucking up to the usual crowd. She seemed slightly more confident that usual and was approaching people for pats rather than trying to cower away. A lot less stress signals from her then I would usually see but then most agility people are great at ignoring her until she makes the approach.

While we were sitting around I took the opportunity to do some dumbbell and metal article work with her. She is now getting quite reliable at returning the dumbbell to hand (although not with a sit yet). Her metal is improving slowly. She is now at the point where she will confidently and reliably grab it from my hand as long as I am holding it. However when I place it on the ground she struggles.

I did some work on shaping her weaving as well. She will happily wrap 2 poles with correct entries. Need to work on getting independence to this behavior rather than me blocking so she is forced to make the correct choice. Interesting tonight I had food in one hand and her tuggy lead in the other and she would routinely chose the toy over food.

Sharon has kindly lent me her puppy see-saw so tomorrow I'll start working on shaping a 2o/2o behavior at the end of the flat board before introducing her to it moving.

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