Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Agility Training for the year

Well last night was the final SAODC Agility training night for the year. An evening of fun relay races and party food.

They had set up two parallel course side by side consisting of jumps set at 300 and a curved flexi tunnel at the end. Each team of 6 ran the course a couple of times and then we all sat down to have food.

Well while we were sitting around I thought I would take the opportunity to take Kenzie out for a bit of a play. She has already down flexi tunnels on a couple of occasions during our normal training session. Somebody else was running there little midget dog on the other course and Kenzie was just brilliant at remaining focused on me and wasn't even interested in the other dog when it ran over to where she was.

Started off sending her through the tunnel and rewarding with either tug or food. Quickly discovered she had a distinct preference for the tug and would snob the food. Any way she was doing really well. Nice confident sends into the tunnel (even better than her masters sister Ness's). I do have to be careful though as she has a tendency to spin and grab my jumper if she is frustrated. We got some quite good distance without me having to baby sit entries and she was zooming through the tunnel.

I tried unsuccessfully to get her to do the jump in front of the tunnel. She would try and run past it to go straight for the tunnel. She did however manage a few if she was centered over the jump but then she would spin before going into the tunnel.

Moved on to stringing two tunnels together. She was just brilliant. The entrance to the tunnel from the other tunnel wasn't nice and yet she did it as smooth as though she had been stringing obstacles together her entire life. Very impressed with my not yet 8 month old munchkin.

By this point I could see Ness was getting ancy at watching so I got her and worked them both. Funny thing is Kenzie was happily following Ness over the jump and through the tunnel and then back over the jump. Once she even offered the next jump.

I came home tickled pink with my baby girl and hold high expectations for her next year when we start getting serious about our agility training. Go Kenzie Panda Bear :).


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