Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nine and a half weeks

This coming Wednesday marks 10 weeks since Kenz's first PRP injection. Touch wood she is still continuing to progress well with her rehab. Its a long slow process but she has comfortably managed half an hour swimming at the beach for the last 7 consecutive days plus another couple of km walk in the evening. Its been a long while since she has managed anywhere near that exercise level without being stiff and sore. To say I am rapt with her progress would be an understatement. Late last week John requested video of her tugging so he can assess as to whether that activity should be ok to recommence - if we get that restriction lifted it will be as though Kenz's life has returned to normal.

She lives to train and we are both missing it greatly. Even an unfortunate incident in the yard tonight where she went racing off after something down the back resulted in a 100% sound Kenz.

Her LH has been less problematic this week with the increase in swimming compared with leash walking so I have fingers crossed whatever we are doing is working and she will make a full return to her performance activities as John always said she would.

Mean while life continues to go on as normal - Kenz is obviously over being confined and as the weeks progress with minimal evidence of her being sore its getting harder to remain quite so strict on her.

Have planned to get Emma back to look over her before we up things to much. Just to make sure we have limited the damage with respect to what else might be sore in compensation and so when she is finally released to play properly there will be nothing stopping her.

Might even get out to obedience this Tuesday night - will see what happens.

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