Monday, February 27, 2012

A time frame

Well kinda - Kenz had an appointment with Emma this afternoon and her view was that we give it another month at the maximum before just letting her go.

Kenz is not doing to badly. She had some overall tightness. Her LH was tighter then her RH but Emma didn't feel the patella was a significant problem. She released some of the tension over the knee. There were some puncture wounds/scabs on her left thigh from the staffie incident at the beach last week. Some trigger points in her RH which might explain the lameness I noticed on the weekend. Her right shoulder has a little more external rotation then it should but otherwise seems ok.

It has been suggested that I include some more hill walking and walking through water and a little more soft sand walking. Heel work is all ok and more good news tugging is to be encouraged so long as its pulling back and not bouncing around like a lunatic. Kenz will be a happy little girl with that added.

I guess it keeps with all John has suggested she does at this point and confirmed in my mind there was nothing else lurking at this stage in her rehab. She is doing fairly well and otherwise not showing to many issues so it was nice that most of what was found was insignificant.

Hopefully we are now finally getting to the light at the end of the tunnel :).

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