Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A first in many many months

Last night I headed out to club to renew membership and do a little bit of distraction training with Kenz.

The last time she has done any work, been put in the car and then got out again would have been after her last trial in October last year. On that occasion she was noticeably sore and stiff. A fairly familiar and all to frequent event.

Last night I did some hand target/controlled heel work with her, worked on some attention stuff and then did some mini sit stays and put her away in the car. I wasn't intending on getting her out again but we also happened to still be there when they called open stays. I thought what do I have to lose she needs stay practice around other dogs. I got her out of the car and I guess you can't get the smile off my face when not only did she bounce out happily but showed no evidence of being sore or stiff and certainly not limping. Happy Dance time all round. I probably pushed her a little hard in making her do a 3 min sit stay but I did return early and reward and then kept her in heel position and rewarded intermittently as I didn't want to upset any of the other dogs. She was paddling feet a little bit and on a few occasions looked like she might lay down but still she managed it.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all :). Feeling much more optimistic about her return to the ring and certainly a firm resolution to continue to rehab her as slowly as John wants to ensure the greatest chance of success.

A wet miserable day here so not much rehab on the agenda. A quick 20 min walk around the block this morning was enough to have both dogs sleeping their heads off.

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