Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peaks and Troughs

If yesterday was a peak today is the bottom of the deepest trough imaginable. Kenz you have taught me so much, introduced me to people who I might never have needed if it hadn't been for your issues, you came out the other side stronger and more confident in the world that was otherwise scary and while I wasn't so sure at the time it was the right decision it seemed to work ok.

The last 15 months have seen us unfortunately introduced to a whole new bunch of people. Ones which I would otherwise gladly have not and ones who really want to provide answers and help you get better but instead everything seems to come up asking more questions.

Its been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey - from the highs of your final novice obedience pass to the lowest of lows when you came up limping the following day.

Finally we think there might be light at the end of the tunnel and yet we are dealt another blow to learn you have a luxating patella to go along with your shoulder issues.

Tonight your a mess - your sore in all the places you have otherwise not had issues with and I am running out of steam.

Mate you were going to be the performance dog of my dreams but I truthfully think your performance days are over. Its as though part of my soul has been taken and I am a mess.

I am not sure what is worse the pain in your eyes when you come up on three legs or the depressed look you give me when I won't play the game you love.

I am out of ideas. I love you to bits but I am just out of answers.

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