Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Tracking Training for 2012

I decided to take the girls out tracking training with the Northern Group this morning as we had a spare day. A mega early start but both girls impressed me. Kenz did a lovely job of a 400m track. Tickled pink with her. Found all her articles and trotted along as though she had been doing it forever.

Especially proud considering it was a brand new place and she bounced out of the car without any hint of shut down. She was busy sucking up to all the new people and had a flirt with her Berner friend Odin.

The only down side of this morning was she was looking a little stiff in her back after we finished up and were walking back from the car.

After the rocky week we have had with her soreness issues we are having to drop back again. Frustrating - one little girl, so much potential, so much desire to want to work, her mind is willing and at this point the body just can't hold up :(.

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