Monday, March 26, 2012

When you know the answer......

but its your greatest fears realized. Sometimes life throws you shitty curve balls and you think its all to much and would rather curl up and die. Kenz's shoulder has started bothering her a little bit over the last week and considering its been good for the last 14 weeks its a bit of a worry. Its not the biggest worry though, the biggest worry is coming up on three legs placing no weight on her left hind leg and the painful expression which appears on her face. The otherwise feral, high drive active BC who lives for a training session.

Lots of emails, lots of input from those you have grown to trust in guiding your special little midget BC's rehab over the last 16 months. To many decisions and then in the course of 5 minutes you are pretty certain you know what that answer is and your just not prepared to face it.

One short DWD training session in the yard, one young feral BC back on three legs refusing to put weight on her left hind and looking in serious amounts of pain. Will not tug, will not play the game she loves.

Sorry mate I know the answer I am just not sure I can bring myself to face what lays ahead if we go done that path right now. I am pretty sure its now a when not an if. A bit of luck in my favour would certainly make that decision a little bit easier - at least financially speaking.

Why me, why Kenz - a dog with so much potential who refuses to live the quiet life no matter how hard I try.

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