Friday, April 20, 2012

Broken dog update

Broken dog is still broken. Her shoulder seems to be doing ok - there is still a small amount of instability at the end but so long as I keep the muscles loose around it and continue to stretch her that part of her should remain ok.

Her LH - well the pressure is still for surgery. Apparently its slipping out of its groove quite readily on flexion.

Now to the intermittent RH issue - a diagnosis of a torn gracilis muscle which should settle down with time and if it hasn't in a few weeks its another trip back to Matthew.

She is tight and sore all through her lower back from compensation and there is a question mark as to the impact it might have on her spine and discs down the track in the longer term.

About the only part of her that isn't broken is her LF and lets hope it stays that way.

Lots of thinking to do as to what to do with her - its very sad.

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