Saturday, April 14, 2012

Herding Training - 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th saw us head out to Rosedale for Double K herding clinic. John had given permission to test Kenz's shoulder out so we thought we would see how she went. I was somewhat reluctant but Karron got the better of me and we decided to take a chance. I am so pleased we did as Kenz was a little star in the making.

She showed so much potential and aside from having a handler who had totally no idea about anything she did really well.

The first turn we had was in the larger area. Kenz apparently did some nice stuff and was happy fetching the sheep to me. She remained engaged and worked pretty well and apparently shows a heap of promise.

I have included some photos below of her first turn.

We then headed into the smaller area for our second turn. Kenz wasn't so happy with the increased pressure however to her credit she didn't opt out at any point.

A good afternoon was had and the best news from my point of view was Kenz pulled up none the worse for it today.

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