Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Matthew's latest verdict

Kenz went back to see Matthew yesterday as I wanted to get his view on where things were heading. She has had a few very serious lameness episodes over the last fortnight including as recent as Monday evening.

Well the good news is that Kenz's right shoulder now feels 100%. Glad to see some part of her isn't broken.

We are still none the wiser over the RH 3 legging business.

Matthew felt that his best guess as to why the LH issues still was that she may be showing discomfort to the internal sutures used. John however said he used 100% dissolvable sutures and at 7-8 months post-op they should be fully dissolved now so he didn't think that was likely. Matthew did say that her LH patella is still luxating somewhat but that he didn't think going in and doing further surgery to stabilise it will fix anything more now.

Her back is also starting to show signs of roaching and there is likely things going on in her lower throacic spine but he didn't think an MRI was going to change the end diagnosis or how we continue to manage her so didn't think it was necessarily warranted. 

She is also super tight through her hip extensors.

So we are back to really playing wait and see.  He wants to see if she can remain issue free for a week or so based on what he did yesterday and if she has any more 3 legged episodes then I am to stretch her out and see if that resolves things at the time.

At the moment we are to continue on as we have been and if things look to be resolving then maybe looking at acupuncture to help keep things settled over the longer term.

The verdict is that I will have to look after her left knee for the remainder of her life and therefore agility is totally off the future plans :(. Still hoping she can get back to obedience or at least some training as that is what she really loves to do.

In the meantime we will stick to walks at the beach, swimming and free running at the park and just continue to monitor things and hope for a bit of luck.

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