Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Acupuncture Session

Last night was the first night in a while where she has happily raced up the stairs at bedtime. This morning she found a red kiddie ball at the park and was happily herding it to her hearts content.

It was then home for a bath and off for a trip to Matthew for Kenz's first acupuncture session.

Matthew is still fairly adamant that its not the knee causing the issues but the fact her back is roached fairly badly. Coupled with my observations that things improved when she was on anti-inflams back in October last year he feels this further supports that conclusion. 

Poor girl had lots of needles stuck in her and looked a little like a pin cushion. We were a little to complacent because she was laying there quite patiently until he got to sticking the ones in her spine and she reacted badly and managed to move all the rest so he had to start again with her standing up.

She was a good girl after this though and lay down without causing any further issues once he had all the needles in place. 

As far as what Kenz is allowed to do this week Matthew placed no real restrictions as he feels by the sounds of it she is moderating herself to some extent. If she wants a walk she can have one, obviously no forced high level activity or training but she is allowed to have moderate exercise within reason.

She is back to him next Wednesday for more needles and to see how she is getting on.

Fingers crossed we see some improvement.

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Anonymous said...

Acupuncture for a dog? I didn't know you could do that!!! Was she okay with the treatment? Did she behave herself well? This is my first time to hear something like this. Does it have the same effect on them? This is amazing news!

Dorsey Marvin