Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Second Acupuncture Session

Kenz had her second acupuncture treatment today. Poor girl - more needles then she had last week.

Matthew asked how she had got on over the last week and was a little surprised when I said she was doing better with the stairs but picking up the LH leg more then she had previously. Not quite the expected outcome.

On the positive - her hip extension had improved (her right was much better then her left) and she wasn't quite so sore or reactive when he put the needles into her spine this week compared with last week.

The patella apparently seems fairly stable (although he didn't push it) so its a bit of a loss as to why the 3 legged behavior. Matthew did say you could feel a huge knot over the joint which may be causing issues and may need removing (depending what on earth it is).

I was also told that I shouldn't be happy until she can go back to both AGILITY (yee har) and obedience and he wouldn't accept a dog her age with physical limitations.

So the plan for the moment is to see how she gets on over the next few days and to call him early next week to work out where we go from here.

If she is still having the same level of issues she had this past week then it will be back to see John and work out what is going on with that left hind. If things have improved then she will go back to Matthew and have another acupuncture treatment.

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