Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back to obedience training

In what has seemed like an eternity Kenz finally got back out to do an Open round at club and she didn't skip a beat. OMG distractions WHAT distractions. So proud of my baby girl.

There was no hint of dropping her bundle with the strange dogs or strange people around. She was 100% eyes for me and 100% full of herself. Not even with classes being in full swing while she was working.

She was tugging/working/taking treats/having a wow of a time. Almost as though it was just like the local park

I was a little rattled off the start peg. I guess its been a while since I have done any called heelwork. Her heelwork was a little crowded but reasonably nice. No missed positions and they were all great. Attention was good.

Her SFE was solid. Her DOR – hmmm we have lost the lead up sit and the first time she didn't drop but the good news is she was solid as a rock on her sit so huge progress. Her ROF was as picture perfect as it was last night. 

Her ROH was good (not 100% on the present it was slightly squiffy but no issues). Her COP was good but I wasn't convinced she was doing to do it as she was a little bit inattentive. However once I got the down she even managed a signals only sit (not deliberate but she went to go on my hand signal anyway so I didn't bother with a verbal).

We did a few short stays after we had finished but I didn't put her in a group stay.

No hint of any soreness/lameness issues.

Proud of my baby dog. Lets hope I can get her back in the ring and 2013 is her year to shine.

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