Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another email from John

Well John confirmed today that he had reviewed Kenz's records and he did in fact place a non-dissolvable antirotational suture so at least that clarifies what on earth the abnormality that can be felt in her knee. He doesn't think this is what is causing the problem though and isn't keen to suggest removal unless we go ahead with a further LH surgery.

He did reiterate that there is nothing that will make the luxation worse but I may notice it more often when I am doing more.

His comment on x-rays was he could understand why Penny would request them but they wouldn't in his opinion change anything. 

Kenz has her ups and downs. Yesterday she barely managed 10 min at the beach before she had had enough. Tonight she was lame and then shut down by the time we got as far as the corner. She is still not happy over the stairs.

Do I know what the solution is nope. Life sucks and I just wish I wasn't on this cycle of getting no where. When she isn't hurting she seems her usual full of life, million miles an hour, always wanting to do stuff just like before.

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