Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another lovely obedience round and a plan

While Matthew is still super keen to suggest that Kenz has her internal suture removed I have, in consultation with John, opted for plan b for the moment which is to put her back on some pain relief and see how she gets on and whether there is any improvement. John and Penny both don't think its the internal suture bothering her so it could be a unnecessary operation with little to be gained. Apparently its a relatively straight forward process though and takes about 20 minutes but Kenz will need to be rested for a fortnight after.

Today has been a remarkably good day for Kenz. She seemed reasonably keen on both our walks (well so long as we end up at the school oval) and has come up and down the stair case quite a few times voluntarily.

I took her out training tonight and she did a fairly nice job of things. Its a little rough around the edges but on the whole she is working enthusiastically, with plenty of drive and focus and loving every minute of being back in training and getting to tug. I was hoping for a video from tonight so I could have a closer look at how she was moving but it wasn't to be.

Her retrieves are looking very nice. Her presents and finishes are spot on. Her heelwork was a little bouncy and needs a lot of work to build duration as she tends to try and pinch the toy when she decides its time for a reward.

The only exercise I really need to work through is working out why the first time on a DOR she struggles to drop. If I set her up again for a second one she nails it - albeit she doesn't drop quickly but she does go down.

I did some short stays alongside Ness when we had finished up in the ring.

I am so proud of where she is come. Not bad for my nervy timid BC. She even went straight up to spooky Keith for a pat.

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