Friday, February 15, 2013

Where things are at.....

Had a conversation with Penny now I have time to reflect on what has been uncovered this week. Penny did suggest if Kenz was hers she would go ahead with x-rays but appreciated my hesitation in doing so. If I had a spare $450 that would be my best option but reality is I don't.

The advice she did have to offer was if I wasn't going to consider doing anything further - surgery wise, then that might not necessarily be so urgent. If there is a potential cruciate issue it will only progress further and while you could go in and do surgery to repair it at this stage, it doesn't greatly improve the outcome over waiting until it goes completely.

We talked about the need to increase the thigh muscle mass on the RH so as to prevent the RH patella from becoming an issue.

She seemed supportive of my suggestion re a progressive return to normal exercise at this stage and see how things went.

I am not sure I am really any the wiser for the moment. I feel like I am going around in circles a bit but its all part of the complicated decision making process.

Kenz barely managed 15 min at the beach this morning, wasn't keen on swimming and stood on the beach watching me retrieve her toy. She seems a bit of a walking mess today. Soooo frustrated. 

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