Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What a Nightmare.....

One can only describe this morning as a bit of a nightmare. Kenz went back to John for an assessment on where things were at with her LH patella.

Kenz weighed in a nice and respectable 13.5kg and is in fine shape. As per usual I took her outside and had her walk up and back and her gait was nice and even and well balanced. Back inside for an examination.

John started to examine her as normal and all was fine - her shoulder checked out ok, no sore spots in her spine that he could find but he gets to examining the RH and then disaster struck. He said she had a Grade 2 MPL luxation on her RH!!!! Hmm ok so that left me somewhat puzzled and confused. He then got onto her LH and he felt it wasn't as bad as the RH but when it luxated it wasn't in any particular hurry to go back in. Certainly not the outcome you would have expected post-surgery. He again mentioned the option of a revision surgery.

John also commented on the fact she had fairly sizeable muscle wastage on her LH when compared with her RH. He did feel whatever it is Matthew had felt in the knee but said he didn't think it could be suture material at this stage and wondered if it was scar tissue.

I came home and jumped on the phone and called Matthew who felt that it was worth taking Kenz back to Penny for a second opinion before committing to any further surgery.

I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now and keep breaking out in tears :(.

Poor girl all I wanted was the performance dog of my dreams and what I have is the performance dog of my nightmares.

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