Thursday, February 14, 2013

Appointment with Penny

Kenz ended up having an appointment with Penny (the other ortho specialist in the state) first thing yesterday morning. Matthew felt it was warranted under the circumstances before committing to any further surgery.

Penny had a good examination of both legs.

She felt that the RH MPL was going to be able to be managed conservatively at this point in time. It was only in certain instances where she could actually get it to subluxate at all and she seemed to think they were only fairly specialised circumstances.

As for the LH MPL repair she could hardly get that one to subluxate at all either. She mentioned the possibility that she might have damaged another small tendon near the repair site but all the usual palpatable tendons to check for subluxation seemed to be fine. She did suggest that normally when she does a MPL repair she would always do more then soft tissue alone.

She put up a few suggestions on the abnormally felt lump in the surgery leg. Her thought was it could possibly be a bony growth or a crimp leftover from the surgical repair. She didn't however feel that was the cause of the lameness.

Penny did feel that the degree of lameness Kenz was still currently experiencing doesn't completely fit with the MPL situation. She offered a few other suggestions for explanation of the LH lameness including degeneration of the cruciate or even meniscus damage.

Her suggestion as to a next course of action was that it would be best to x-ray and try and determine what the abnormality is.

I spoke with Matthew yesterday afternoon who seemed to agree that was an appropriate next move and that I really couldn't do nothing.

I also had an email from John to confirm the cost of the revision surgery on the LH should it be necessary as well as an explanation as to why the RH MPL was missed.

24 hours later and I am still not sure what I am doing and still very much struggling to get my head around it all. If I had a spare $500 I would go ahead with the x-rays but I just don't at this stage :(. 

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