Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three Options

So Matthew said to see how she got on over this last week and let him know how she was getting on. She had a fairly horrible looking weekend. She was a bit of a mess and that included some definite front right lameness. She is still having issues with stairs and is still randomly sitting down and having issues with mostly the left hind leg.

The situation at the moment is that he is fairly certain she may well have a lower lumbar spinal condition. 

The verdict was one of three options: 1. x-rays, 2. MRI or 3. treatment trial of acupuncture. Option 3 will require a minimum of three appointments over the course of three weeks. 

I don't think I have many options other than to opt for trialling acupuncture with her and seeing if that improves things. Poor little girl this has certainly turned into a prolonged saga. I am still hopeful she can get back to obedience but I guess we will have to see. 

In between her lameness episodes over the weekend she did have a nice time up the river going swimming twice a day and then playing on the oval to dry off. 

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