Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kenzie off to the Chiro

Since Ness was due for her pre-training check and as I reported in my last training blog post about Kenzie pulling up lame I thought she could have an appointment as well - my only concern was with her timidity around people if she would let Matthew examine her.

Well my fears were totally unfounded. Matthew was brilliant with her and Kenzie behaved impeccably. She was a bit hesitant to start with but about the only sign of stress she showed was her ears were pulled back. She was eating treats from both me and him :). He checked over her from top to tail.

His comments were that she was very nicely muscled for such a baby and well put together. Her joints were all good, her spine good but on the way in he commented that she was a bit proppy on the back passenger (or rear "left"). That concurred with my suspicions. He found an active trigger point in her rear calf. He prodded it and commented that despite being a bit timid she had a very high pain threshold - typical BC would walk over hot coals to work regardless of being in pain.

He got her up on the low bed to needle it. She happily obligued and in fact didn't then want to get off again after. Was very comfortable laying up there and happy to take treats from him when he had finished.

The only horrible news to come out of her appointment is how do you explain to a 9 month old BC baby that they are to have 5 days of leash-walks only with no ball. Especially since she has just come out of her first season and I was dearly hoping for a bit of freedom to run her at the beach. Argh. Oh well guess we shall cope somehow, just feel sorry on Ness who will be missing out on yet more precious beach time. Ness on the other hand was given a verdict of all clear and ready to start training again - yee har been a while since we have gone and nothing has been too wrong.

Pretty pleased with how Kenzie behaved though and he thought she was an absolute sweety. Great temperament and a little power pocket rocket in the making.

Thought I would take this opportunity to post a few photos that I took the other day.



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