Monday, January 5, 2009

Susan Salo Jump Grids 5 January 2009

Well first up I finally got around to filming my WA set home by Cathy. Kenzie playing the 2 food/2 toy game. Definitely much more driven for the toy then for the food. Especially for Sandi I used the i-squeaks for the 2 toy version of the game. Certainly appears much more driven for the toy then for food which is hardly surprising.

Next up Kenzie had her first attempt at Susan Salo Jump Grids. We tried both the Set Point Exercise and the Straight line Equal Distance Grid. She did surprisingly well for her first attempt. Obvious from the video that she is a bit unsure of her release cue as well as me needing to do more stay work leaving her on the right.

Any way first up her Set Point Video:

Then her Straighline Grid Video:

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