Friday, January 23, 2009

Susan Salo Jump Grids 23 January 2009

Well we met up with Tash and her sister and played jump grids tonight.

First up we tried another set point exercise - Kenzie was worried tonight as Tash's sister had bought her kid along so was very unsettled. Still I think she did a slightly better job on both the set point and straightline grid then she did a few weeks ago when we tried. Her stays however weren't flash and I think that was partially due to the kid being there.

Here is the video of her set point exercise and her straightline grid work.

She also had her first attempt at a bend grid which was a complete and absolute disaster (but then Ness's attempt wasn't much better). Will upload the video of this at some point but I have to go and rewatch the SS DVDs so I can see what I am doing wrong.

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