Friday, January 23, 2009

Kenzie's First Swim at the Dog Pool

This afternoon we headed to the dog pool as usual. Last week when I took the girls I was able to get Kenzie to stand on the top step and she would let me pick her up and lift her down onto the ledge, with me standing in the pool.

Today I started with doing as I had done last week with a combination of luring her onto the step and picking her up and placing her on the ledge. She seemed happy enough doing that so I took it a small step further. First of all I lifted her down onto the ledge and then placed her a little way off the ledge and let go. She initially panicked a bit but nothing serious.

She came back into the ledge and hopped out of the pool. I left her and swam Ness some more. Then I tried again with just rewarding her for standing on the step. She didn't seem stressed so I decided to try carrying her and placing her over the edge of the pool about half way along facing towards the steps. She swam confidently back to the ledge. I repeated that a few times and she was happily being lifted up and placed into the water at varying points and swimming back to the end.

Hopefully she might try swimming herself next week but I will keep doing it. She was a nice confident swimmer once she got over the intial panic.

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