Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to see Matthew

Well after a little observation by Tash and myself on the way back to the car on Mon night that something was a miss with the way the little miss was walking I rang Matthew to book her in for a check. Confirmed by the fact on our walk yesterday morning on the way home she picked the back leg up twice and then sat down.

Any way the earliest appointment I could get was 4:30 today. I was tossing up whether I really needed to take her as she was back running like her usual lunatic self this morning at the park. Turned out that yep she did need an appointment. Matthew isn't sure whether her current problem occurred as a result of the first injury when she slipped at the dog pool or whether its unrelated. He did say to be careful with her for a few weeks since when they are just out of season he found that in the greyhounds there ligaments were more prone to injury. In any event she original calf injury seemed to be fine but her muscles in her passenger side hip were in spasm. So he injected vitamin B12 into the acupuncture trigger point and then said to walk her for 10-15 minutes tonight on-lead only. Still stressed that its very much muscular and not a joint related issue. Got to make sure I stretch her hip flexor.

She was a very good little girl though. She was initially a bit hesitant of him but then after that was happy to have done what needed to be done with absolutely no fuss. Would lay there quite patiently and then didn't want to leave when he had finished. She got a lovely compliment that he wished half his patients were as good as she was.

Any way no ball for at least a fortnight and he did say I should be careful with not over doing the ball in the future as while he thinks athletic breeds such as BCs and especially one her size can tolerate a fair amount of ball playing, so long as they remain conditioned to it, excessive amounts could spell trouble.

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